As your body ages certain abilities change. Over time, the two abilities that change the most are leg strength and balance. Both strength and balance are interdependent upon one another for standing, sitting and negotiating stairs. They are also important for preventing falls and resultant fractures.

If you are over 50, the best way to increase these two abilities is through dumbbell training. When performed in the standing position, dumbbells have the ability to strengthen muscles, improve balance mechanisms and bone health all at the same time.

The Perfect Post-Rehabilitation Training Tool
The over 50 body usually has a few joints that are not working up to full ability. As a post-rehabilitation tool, dumbbells are excellent in providing strength in many directions of movement. If one side of the body is weaker than the other, then the weight of the dumbbell can be matched perfectly to the strength imbalance. As your joints strengthen, dumbbells can easily be incorporated into the exercises you do regularly.

Get Started With Dumbbells Today
There are a wide assortment of shapes and sizes of dumbbells to use in your fitness program. Most fitness experts consider the dumbbell to be a superior training tool because of its ability to impart total body strength, balance, stamina and full joint range of motion. These qualities are something that most other forms of fitness equipment cannot offer. So let’s look at why, especially if you are over 50, you want to use dumbbells as your primary training tool of choice.

Benefit #1 Full Range of Joint Motion
Dumbbells are non-restrictive when it comes to joint range of motion. As an example, if you have a shoulder problem, a dumbbell can be lifted in the “restricted motion” still benefiting rehabilitation and recovery from the injury. Very light or ultra light weights can be used to regain strength until the shoulder becomes stronger and capable of a full range of motion.

Benefit #2 Better Balance Stimulation
Dumbbells, by their very nature, force you to control and balance your body as you lift. Incorporating dumbbells with other body motions such as single leg balances, lunges, standing one leg presses and even BOSU activities challenge your balance system like no other piece of fitness equipment.

Benefit #3 Asymmetrical (One Sided) Training
A single dumbbell is an effective core strengthener especially when used in the overhead or extended position. Asymmetrical training better stimulates the muscles that are involved in “real world” lifting and carrying and is important for any complete fitness program. It also adds an important stabilization component to all fitness activities by strengthening joints and reducing injury.

Benefit #4 Remove the Dominant Side
Everyone is stronger on one side of their body than the other. Dumbbells allow for independent strengthening of the weaker side keeping the stronger side out of the lifting motion. A more balanced muscular system allows you to perform better at all activities and sports and reduces the potential for injury to the weaker side.